Daxita Vaghela Eyelash Extensions

“London’s new Lash Queen”

With an international following, endorsements from leading beauty editors, celebrities, and a 25-year long career that comprises of many years at Mayfair hair and beauty salon, Martyn Maxey and as right-hand woman to celebrity facialist Vaishaly, brow and lash specialist Daxita Vaghela has opened up a beauty room a few steps away from Marylebone High Street, and is fast becoming London’s hottest beauty booking.

Daxita Eyelash Extensions

Daxita’s tailor-made approach takes lash application to a new level, where every aspect of the face is taken into account to create a uniquely flattering effect.

More than simply lengthening the lashes, the Daxita treatment makes cheekbones pop, eyes sparkle, and skin seem creamier - the secret is a bespoke blend of lash lengths and shades, carefully picked and positioned to bring out the best in every client’s eye shape, bone structure and skin tone.

‘The minute a client walks into the room, I can see what will balance their features and enhance the shape of their face, the tone of their skin and the colour of their hair. I also take personality and lifestyle into account - every woman wants longer lashes but not everyone wants a showgirl effect. I want my clients to wear their lashes, not the other way around!’

The result? Long but incredibly flattering lashes that look surprisingly all-natural and last up to six weeks. And while other therapists can take up to three hours to apply a full set, Daxita uses a personally-developed technique that takes just under an hour from beginning to end.

Daxita Brow Threading

As a young girl, Daxita watched her Aunt having her eyebrows beautifully shaped in the local salon, and begged to be taught the ancient art of threading. On being told she was too young and should focus on her schoolbooks, she taught herself to master the technique over the next eight months by practising on her legs, then persuaded her many young cousins to act as guinea pigs. Two months later, and Daxita’s family and friends were queuing up to have their brows threaded - a queue that these days, counts a celebrity clientele in it’s ever-growing numbers.

Daxita applies the same principles to brow threading that she uses when working on the lashes - by taking face shape into account, she lifts and opens the eye area and brings balance to the face, revealing hidden proportions and re-defining lost contours

‘My job is to reveal the natural shape hidden within the brow. There’s always a beautiful arch that will lift the eye and open up the face - you just have to know where to look!’

Daxita Lashes – Full Set (60mins) £150, Half Set (45mins) £95, Maintenance (30mins) £45, Lashes Removal (15mins) £15

Daxita Brow Threading - £30

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