Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions

Daxita Vaghela – London’s Lash Queen

With an international following, endorsements from leading beauty editors, celebrities, and a 30-year long career, Daxita Vaghela is now one of London’s hottest beauty bookings and renowned as a leading lash and brow expert

Lash Extensions

Daxita’s tailor-made approach to eyelash extensions takes lash application to a new level, where every aspect of the face is taken into account to create a uniquely flattering effect. 
More than simply lengthening the lashes, Daxita’s ‘talented touch’ makes cheekbones pop, eyes sparkle, and skin seem creamier – her vast collection, endless and specific lashes include a range of lengths, curls, colours and solutions to any client’s requirements, ensuring an entirely bespoke experience. Clients can choose from Classic Lashes, Russian Lashes or Mirror Lashes. From £170 - £385

‘The minute a client walks into the room, I can see what will balance their features and enhance the shape of their face, the tone of their skin and the colour of their hair. I also take personality and lifestyle into account - every woman wants longer lashes but not everyone wants a showgirl effect. I want my clients to wear their lashes, not the other way around!’

Micro-blading PHI Brows ™

Eyebrows can become thin and sparse with age, over-plucking or when suffering from stress and illness; this innovative new treatment defines brows and opens up the eye area helping to create a more youthful look. This method is also perfect if a client wants to correct their current eyebrow shape and is suitable for both men and women and lasts up to 12-15 months. £490 (includes two treatments and consultation)

‘My job is to reveal the natural shape hidden within the brow. There’s always a beautiful arch that will lift the eye and open up the face - you just have to know where to look!’



Eyelash Extensions

  • Full Set 60mins: £170.00
  • Half Set 45mins: £105.00
  • Maintenance 30mins: £53.00
  • Removal: £21.00

Russian Lashes

  • Full Set 120mins: £325.00
  • Half Set 90mins: £250.00
  • Maintenance 60mins: £130.00
  • Removal: £21.00


Eyelash Extensions

  • Full Set 60mins: £150.00
  • Half Set 45mins: £95.00
  • Maintenance 30mins: £48.00
  • Removal: £21.00

Russian Lashes

  • Full Set 120mins: £290.00
  • Half Set 90mins: £220.00
  • Maintenance 60mins: £110.00
  • Removal: £21.00