Sun-kissed hair

You may not have been able to spend the summer on a yacht in St Tropez or a villa in Ibiza, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. If your summer has been more Southend than the South of France why not give your hair a sunny treat with our Balayage colour service. Balayage, French for ‘sweep away’, emerged in Paris as far back as the ‘70’s and is a colouring technique that allows you to achieve natural, free-flowing highlights; meaning you can boast Mediterranean-kissed hair without the cost of the air fare.

But it is a far cry from your traditional highlights. To start with balayage doesn’t use foils; highlights are painted on by hand with colour applied very lightly at the base and roots of the hair, while at the tips the colour is heavy. This produces an au natural result that plays with the hairs natural movement rather than the more uniformed effect that foil highlights give.

And it’s not just blondes that can have all the fun. Brunettes, redheads, even those with black hair can benefit from this bespoke, colouring technique. The results will be subtle, but they’ll add dimension with gorgeous, rich swirls of cinnamon or caramel.

The most natural-looking results are usually those that look the most random, which calls for a colourist who has a keen sense of the hair’s texture and movement, with a good eye and a steady hand. Fortunately, our team at Atherton Cox include colourists who are highly experienced in this magical technique, ensuring your hair will glow as bright as a sunbeam.

So, if you lust after Gisele, Bridget Bardot, Liz Hurley or Rachel Bilson-type locks then balayage is definitely for you.

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