Daxita Vaghela

Beauty, Eye lashes

“London’s new Lash Queen”

London’s Lash Queen, adored by journalists and celebrities the world over - can create fuss-free fabulous lashes that will look fantastic every day for up to six weeks for extensions and up to ten weeks with the lift. Daxita will ensure that your eyes and face are framed to perfection, with a range of services including threading, extensions and lash perms. With a career that spans three decades Daxita has developed and refined her technique - now taking under sixty minutes to complete a full set of the Classic lashes, whilst other therapists can take up to three hours.

"Your lash length is entirely dependent on the kind of impact you want to create, if you’ve got a big event in the diary and want full-on glamour my extensions are the perfect fit, however if you want more of a discreet, lasting effect a lash lift or perm works wonders.”

Daxita has spent years curating her collection of lash extensions to ensure there is always a service to suit the requirements of the client – the collection includes the Classic, for which she has been renowned for many years. She also specialises in Mink, Luna, and Y lashes, which cater to those who want a more discreet or natural looking extension, all of which come in a selection of curl and length to ensure an entirely bespoke experience. The latest service to be added to this extensive collection are the Russian, which add up to 250 extra lashes to each eye – and is the latest in lash development.

Daxita’s Extensions

Daxita’s tailor-made approach takes lash application to a new level, where every aspect of the face is taken into account to create a uniquely flattering effect. More than simply lengthening the lashes, the Daxita treatment makes cheekbones pop, eyes sparkle, and skin seem creamier - the secret is a bespoke blend of lash lengths and shades, carefully picked and positioned to bring out the best in every client’s eye shape, bone structure and skin tone.

‘The minute a client walks into the room, I can see what will balance their features and enhance the shape of their face, the tone of their skin and the colour of their hair. I also take personality and lifestyle into account - every woman wants longer lashes but not everyone wants a showgirl effect. I want my clients to wear their lashes, not the other way around!’

The result? Long but incredibly flattering lashes that look surprisingly all-natural and last up to six weeks. And while other therapists can take up to three hours to apply a full set, Daxita uses a personally-developed technique that takes just under an hour from beginning to end.

“My clients wake up beautiful every morning! Highly addictive and an instant makeover, lash extensions eliminate the need to apply mascara – the perfect solution for make-up free, beach holidays. I take all aspects of each client’s face and desires into account to enhance the contours of the face and create sparkling eyes”

Daxita is the first person in London to offer Russian Lashes, showcasing the latest technique, often referred to as 3D or 6D lashes – perfect for clients who don’t have many lashes, or want a fuller look. Up to six lashes are applied to each lash, rather than the one normally applied with the Classic; due to the fineness of each Russian Lash, they rest weightlessly on the lid, with clients unable to feel them in place.

Daxita’s Perm & Lifts

Create a natural but dramatically different look, with your very own lashes.

Enjoy everyday glamour with Daxita’s Lash Lift or Perm - a short treatment that lasts up to ten weeks and leaves your lashes visibly more noticeable, without the need of falsies or tinting. This relaxing and totally painless treatment lifts the lashes, gently manipulating the lashes upwards with a Lash Lift or in a curl with a Lash Perm – creating a more defining and obvious difference.

This treatment perfect for clients who feel uncomfortable with the idea of lash extensions, aren’t inclined to go for the full-on glamour effect they can have on the face, or can’t put down the oil based cleansers and have a tendency to rub the eyes. The Lash Lift and Perm have obvious, eye-brightening results that remain natural and last a little over two months.

Daxita’s years of experience have left her with ability to look at a client and instantly be able to tell what needs to be done to enhance the natural shape and beauty of the face, from the arch of the brow, to the tailoring of lash treatments, the Lash Lift or Perm will make a larger than expected and potentially addictive change to your whole face, but unlike some of the other treatments available Lash Lifts or Perms have very little need for upkeep, allowing you to continue with your daily beauty regimes.

Daxita’s Brow Threading

London’s Lash Queen started threading at as a young girl, having taught herself after watching her aunt have her eyebrows threaded in to a beautiful shape at a local salon. She practiced on herself and her younger cousins, and soon enough a queue had formed made up of family and friends, a queue that has since developed a little further, and includes the likes of Sophie Dahl, India Knight and Mary Portas.

Her secret is to consider the face before the brow, assessing what would best suit the individual and uncovering the natural shape and arch within the eyebrow. The right brow shape will lift and open the eye, bring balance to the face and redefine lost contours.

Whilst the Cara might not work on everyone – Daxita will find what best suits you:

“My job is to reveal the natural shape hidden within the brow. There’s always a beautiful arch that will lift the eye and open up the face – you just have to know where to look!”