Keith Beer

Stylist, Barber

With a desire to travel and an ambition to one day run his own business, Keith chose the world of hairdressing to fulfil his dreams.

His choice was wise and he has not only achieved both goals but carved a successful hairdressing career that has spanned over 30 years. Starting at 18 years of age, Keith worked with renowned session stylist of his day, Alex Hillard, who not only ignited a passion for session work but was also a major influence on his career. His work as a session stylist presented him with the opportunity to cut and style the hair of a number of famous and interesting celebrities and his reputation soon saw clients flying from around the world purely to have their hair cut by Keith.

After 20 years of running his own group of salons, Keith joined Atherton Cox in 2011 and is now content to be working with his extensive and loyal client-base, many of whom are now good friends, and enjoy building new clients with the salon team. His skills lie not only in his experience but in his all-round ability and gift for actually listening to people’s needs and working together to achieve the best results