Christmas Party Hairstyles to Jingle Through the Festive Season

Christmas party hairstyles to jingle through the festive season

The mornings are starting to get darker, the evenings, even more so, it’s cold and rainy, you wish you could be hibernating right now.. and then it happens …

… you remember you have a work event coming up, you’ve left it to the last minute (as usual), you pick up the phone to make an emergency hair appointment, and you hear the dreaded words on the other end of the call…

☎️ “FULLY BOOKED” is a true Christmas disaster.

But don’t panic!

With every problem, there’s a solution, we have you covered, fear not! Discover Christmas party hairstyles in our guide to ensure you dazzle at the last-minute celebration.

Follow our guide to achieve a Christmas party hairstyle for any occasion …

Atherton Cox saves Christmas!

First step, pick your style:

  1. Hollywood waves
  2. Twisted low bun
  3. Curly low ponytail
  4. High ponytail
  5. High bun

1. Create Hollywood waves for your Christmas party hairstyle

Hollywood waves hair style

Hollywood waves

Prep: start with clean dry hair, put a little dry shampoo, texture spray, or volume spray/powder at the root to create extra volume, if you’re using a spray, spritz it throughout the hair. Plug in your small tongs or wand.

Psst… did you know that all our products have built-in heat protection technology?

We recommend using: R+Co balloon dry volume spray, System Professional BB instant reset spray and R+Co death valley dry shampoo

This is a structured look so make sure your hair is parted in a comfortable position. From the top of your head part your hair down the middle to the back of your neck.

Step two: take about an inch-wide section of hair and curl it away from your face, repeat until all the hair is curled, making sure the hair is flat against your wand or tong…

We recommend pinning each section but if not, hold the curl for a few seconds in your hand before letting go. Repeat on the other side of your head remembering to always curl away from your face

Step three: use a paddle brush to loosen those curls!

Step four: use your finishing products to complete the look.

  • Use serum – a drop or two goes a long way, pump into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and smooth those curls from the bottom, upwards.
  • Fix with hair spray – for a strong hold use generously over the whole hair

We recommend using: Sebastian dark oil serum and Sebastian shaper fierce hairspray

2. Twisted low bun

Twisted low bun

Prep: wave or curl your hair (it doesn’t have to be perfect, we are only doing this to add texture and to make it easier to twist into a bun).

  • Scoop your hair into a low ponytail, this can be either in the center or slightly to one side.

We recommend using: R+Co zig zag root teasing texture spray with R+Co trophy shine and texture spray

Step one: once the hair is secured in a low ponytail, you can now pull out small bits of hair from around the face to create a softer less formal look, you may curl these strands for a more party vibe.

Step two: take your ponytail and twist it. Holding the end of the twisted ponytail with one hand, gently put at strands to loosen it up (this creates a fuller more boho look).

Step three: still holding your twist with one hand spray it with hair spray (don’t let go!), wrap it around the hairband to create a twisted circle, and use grips to pin it in place. Finish by spraying with more hair spray to keep it in place.

We recommend using: Sebastian zero-gravity hair spray

3. Curly low ponytail

Curly low ponytail

Prep: spritz your hair with hairspray or texture spray and curl it, unlike the Hollywood wave, instead of curling away from your face, you are going to curl them all in the same direction so if the left side curls away from your face then the right side should curl towards your face this creates a flowing wave or curl in your ponytail.

We recommend using: System Professional chrono control spray

Step one: once you have prepped, section your hair from the top of the head to the back of the ear on both sides, and clip them out of the way for now.

Step two: scoop the hair at the back into a low-centered ponytail and secure it with a hair band. Twist one front section back to join the ponytail, wrap it around the hair band, secure it with a trusty grip, and do the same on the other side.

Step three: for a soft loose wave brush out the curls gently and put a nice serum through them, if you want a tight curl, we suggest not touching them, as you don’t want to lose the curl pattern and make it drop, so hairspray will do just fine!

We recommend using: System Professional luxe oil with Sebastian shaper fierce hairspray

4. Pull your hair into a high ponytail

High ponytail

Prep: use a tiny drop of serum on the very ends of your hair. set your hair with either big rollers or use a big round brush to tuck those ends under this will give you a flicky ponytail (we don’t want to make it too wavy or curly because we want as much length and bounce as possible) and then spray throughout with dry volume spray or dry shampoo.

We recommend using: Sebastian dark oil serum with R+Co balloon dry volume spray

Step one: gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hairband, if you find it tricky, tip your head upside down and brush it all into a ponytail that way, you’ll also get a very high pony this way.

Step two: it’s up to you how tight or loose you want your hair to look, if you want a slick look then simply apply gel starting from the hairline, to the base of your ponytail. use a fine-toothed comb to stick down those baby hairs and fly away.

  • If you prefer a more voluminous look then simply loosen the hair around the top of your head and tighten the hairband by splitting the ponytail in half and pulling both sides.

Step three: take a small piece of hair from the outer part of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair band until you can’t wrap it anymore and pin it under the ponytail (you won’t see the pin as it will be hidden by the pony) give it a spray with a flexible hold hairspray, make sure it’s nice and secure, give your head a little shake and voilà.

We recommend using: R+Co outer space flexible hairspray

5. Your final Christmas party hairstyle: Create a high bun

Messy high bun

Prep: spray your hair with a flexible hold spray, tong the ends of your hair, it doesn’t have to be perfect curls, just enough to stop any strands from poking out when we wrap it.

We recommend using: System Professional energy control spray

Step one: gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hairband or tip your head upside down and gather into a ponytail for an extra high bun.

Step two: pull out any hair around the hairline for a softer look, you can re-curl these bits however you wish.

Step three: you can either twist, or plait your ponytail, for a fuller look gently pull apart your plait or twist and then wrap it around the hair band and pin it securely in place, you may continue to gently tug at your twisted or plaited bun to create more texture, and then spray!

  • You could use a shine spray for a more glitzy glam look. 

We recommend using: Sebastian shine define spray